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Related Kata
Related Kata

A PLUS membership allows Members to explore 15 related Okinawan kata from Aragaki Ryu, Hakutsuru Ken and Shorin Ryu.

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All Members have access to our extensive database covering terminology commonly used in a traditional Japanese karate dojo.

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Goju Ryu Kata

All Members have access to viewing multiple versions of all 12 Goju Ryu kata as part of a full syllabus reference guide.

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Training drills, sparring and grappling drill sets (PLUS Members), information on the Bubishi and a library covering the latest research.

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Through a PLUS membership, Members can view bunkai from all applicable Goju Ryu kata. Visible and hidden bunkai is shown.

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The Portal is online and can be your secret source for everything important on traditional Goju Ryu karate-do.

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