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The 13 Volumes - Goju Ryu Instructor Reference Manuals
English Translation & Supplementary Notes (Abridged) Package


Authored by Frank Louis, Sensei.
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Rarely is a martial arts publication considered to be a true masterpiece in karate instruction. Such a publication was authored by Ohtsuka Tadahiko O-Sensei, Founder of Goju Kensha Karate-do, Japan. After many years of dedicated research, Ohtsuka O-Sensei put together the '13 Volumes' for the karate world as Instructor Reference Manuals. Originally published in the 1970s, and only in Japanese, these Volumes soon became the go-to bible on traditional Goju Ryu Karate-do. 

If you have a copy of the Japanese version of the 13 Volumes, our English Translation (abridged) package is a 'must-have'. You can use this package to help decipher Goju Ryu information hidden within the Japanese 13 Volumes. You will uncover secrets and essential information on many Goju Ryu principles, insights and techniques that originated in Okinawa, Japan.

A full detailed Table of Contents for each Volume is provided as part of this package. A summary of each Volume follows:

  1. Preparation for training, flexibility, Hachidanken, leg exercises, and training methods
  2. Striking, kicking, defence and blocking techniques, leg sweeps and explanation of Jutsu
  3. Weight transfer methods, Gekisai Dai and Gekisai Sho
  4. Sanchin, Saifa, Sanseiru and the links between Bubishi and Hakutsuru Ken
  5. Tensho, Seiyunchin, Shisochin and associated training methods
  6. Basic sparring Kihon, Te, Ken and Ashi Sebaki, front-facing techniques and sports karate
  7. Basic self-defence, break falls, defence positions and techniques, Seisan and meridians
  8. Sepai, taijutsu, atemi, gyaku, to, ata edu and katame waza
  9. Kururunfa, pressure points, nerve, spine, arterial, heart and digestive systems
  10. Suparinpei, counter drills and strikes and octopus-hands
  11. Five Heian / Pinan kata and three Naifanchi three kata
  12. Chinto kata, Wanshu kata, Jion kata, Jitte kata and related techniques
  13. Tomar-te, Aragaki, Kakufa kata, Rohai kata, Unsu kata, Sochin kata and History of Goju Ryu by Chojun Miyagi, Sensei



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    In 1978 when I became a ShodanHo, Con sensei “allocated” (instructed me to buy!) a copy of the original edition Goju Kensha manual. As he no doubt intended, over the years it has continued to serve as a major technical and historical resource on GojuRyu. With hundreds of systematically organized pictures, and annotated in Japanese; these 13 volumes continued to provide great breadth and depth of information concerning the Goju Ryu curriculum.

    I have often been asked by my Goju siblings from other schools whether this treasure trove was to be found in English; and my standard reply was “No.. but the pictures are". At long last, someone has expended the intellectual effort and spent the time to produce an English translation to accompany this important document. I extend my profound thanks to Frank Louis, Sensei for his contribution to our shared ryuha. I thoroughly recommend this English translation – accompanying the Goju Kensha Manual – to all serious students of GojuRyu.
    Paul Tomassini, Chief Instructor
    Heiko Ryu Karate
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    Regarding the available text translation by Frank Louis of the 13 Volumes of the Otsuka Tadahiko Hanshi training manuals, it is my esteem pleasure to recommend this wonderful and informative English version of the technical data contained within. Frank Louis Sensei, made an enormous effort to carefully and diligently translate the text over a period of months. I must say that in my minuscule way, I assisted with some proofreading and consider the explanations of the technical data contained.

    Well done Frank and I would personally recommend all to couple this translated text to the Ohtsuka Hanshi Japanese volumes so that the information contained in the writings can be a new discovery as not all information is held in the photos.My most sincere thanks Frank Louis Sensei for the opportunity to have this set of informative volumes.
    John Power, Kyoshi
    Gojukensha Mugen Kai Karate Do

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