• ^The main Japanese traditional versions of katas, and associated bunkai, are demonstrated including Goju Ryu and Goju Kensha versions. All these versions of the katas evolved from the original Okinawan versions of the katas.
  • #This is a resource for Instructors of Goju Hakutsuru (Hard-Soft White Crane) Karate-do. Goju Hakutsuru Karate-do is a private Goju Ryu advanced style founded by Frank Louis, Sensei (also the founder of the Goju Ryu Portal) for current and future Master Instructors of Goju Ryu. The teachings outlined in the 13 Volumes by Ohtsuka Tadahiko O-Sensei (1940-2012) and the traditional style of Goju Kensha Karate-do (founded by Ohtsuka O-Sensei) make up a major part of the Senior and Master Instructor Syllabus of Goju Hakutsuru Karate-do. Frank Louis, Sensei is a direct student and has been graded to Senior Master level by Ohtsuka O-Sensei. Frank Louis, Sensei is the only Instructor in the world to have translated the 13 Goju Ryu Volumes into English. This translation can be translated by the user into over 100 languages within the Goju Ryu Portal using the free Translation Engine included.
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The tradition continues.
Knowledge is accelerated.

Goju Ryu karate-do is a traditional form of martial arts that originated in Okinawa, Japan. The name "Goju-Ryu" literally translates to "hard-soft style," and this reflects the balance between hard striking techniques and fluid, circular movements that is a hallmark of the style.

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